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Ableton Live 11 Making a Song by Thomas Cochran  Free Download Latest . It is of  Ableton Live 11 Making a Song by Thomas Cochran  free download.

Ableton Live 11 Making a Song TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC — Groove 3 — Free download

Studio wiz Thomas Cochran presents creative Ableton Live 11 video tutorials! If you are new to Ableton Live 11 and want to see how to put together a cool track from scratch, stop right here. Thomas shows you how to make a cool new-style R&B track utilizing many of the new features found in Ableton Live 11. You also get the Ableton Live 11 project with all the audio so you can follow along on your system. These videos are for those who have some basic Ableton Live knowledge but want to see ways to produce a song.

To begin, Thomas introduces the course and plays though the song that you’ll be making together, and then shows you how to create and process a guitar sample that will be used as the backing for the song. Then see how to use the new Hybrid Reverb, updated chorus effect, and the new Scale Feature to create a nice lo-fi synth part that will be used as a foundation for the song.

Throughout the rest of the videos you’ll learn things like how to use the new Tree Tone device to create ambient arpeggio textures, add variation with the new macro controls, create drum and bass parts, use the new velocity randomization feature to create an interesting hi-hat part, utilize the Pitchloop 89 device to make cool delayed Rhodes keyboard parts, and using the Spectral Delay for a deep ambient sound.

Thomas then shows you how the new MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) support can be used to transform a simple synth pad into a dynamic pitch shifting texture, even if you don’t have a MPE controller device! Wrapping it all up, Thomas demonstrates how to make the basic arrangement and song structure of the track, as well as explains the vocal recording setup and processors used, including the new vocal comping feature that was added in Live 11.

To see what these detailed Ableton Live 11 tutorials show you, and how they’ll inspire you to make your own songs and beats, see the individual Ableton Live video tutorial descriptions on this page. Start making your next masterpiece with Live 11 now… Watch “Ableton Live 11: Making a Song” today!


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