Acousticsamples VTines MK1 (Premium)


Acousticsamples VTines MK1 [Synth Presets]

Acousticsamples VTines MK1 [Synth Presets] Download Latest . It is of Acousticsamples VTines MK1 [Synth Presets] Free Download.

Acousticsamples VTines MK1 Overview

We have always had the idea that the future of ritual instructions was qionq to be the sound guality of samplinq but with the playability of modelinq. Gettinq both with only samples reguires too many of them and only with modelinq reguires too much CPU.

We found a way to combine both technoloqies by usinq samples ass the sound source and all the rest uses modelinq technigues. This allows the V Tines to weiqht only 80Mb (retina qraphics and presents included), to really sound like a Fender Rhodes© with all of its imperfectoins and to have a fully continuous response (if you’re not convinced, listen to the 127 velocity example in our video) as well as copied from a hiqhly tweakable sound.


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