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Advanced Cinematography Techniques by David Curto

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Advanced Cinematography Techniques by David Curto

Advanced Cinematography Techniques by David Curto  Free Download Latest . It is of  Advanced Cinematography Techniques by David Curto   free download.

Advanced Cinematography Techniques by David Curto Overview

The lens, the framing, and the color temperature are just some of the decisive elements that can help an image convey the emotions that the director intended. David Curto, a cinematographer who has worked with producers like Netflix, teaches you how to master the skills needed to face any audiovisual project.

In this course, learn advanced lighting and camera concepts to apply in your productions and tell your story effectively from a technical, emotional, and narrative point of view. Go one step further than David’s first course, Introduction to Film Photography Direction, and discover how to light your sets like a professional.

Begin by meeting David Curto and going through his professional career, including his interest in film and even his early work shooting weddings. Discover some of the artists that inspire his work, such as Hoyte Van Hoytema or Todd Hiddo, among others.

Next, review the different tools and get to know the optics, camera sensors, and different types of lights. This way, you will know which ones to choose to tell each story.

Lights, camera… action! Begin to prepare the shoot by setting up the scene. Then, see how one scene can be filmed in different ways, either in one or in several shots, and learn how to assess each of your decisions before hitting the record button.

Finally, David shows you the most used color spaces, how to make your own LUT (Look Up Table), and how to colorize your work according to the environment and mood you want. Finally, watch the finished piece and compare the sensations of the one-shot and multi-shot versions.

What is this course’s project?

Tell a story by making a short piece—documentary or fiction—in which you apply the techniques and concepts learned throughout the course.

Who is it for?

All photography, cinema, and image lovers in general. Also, people who work in the audiovisual field and want to acquire new knowledge to apply in their projects.

What you need

To take this course, you will need knowledge of the basic concepts of photography.

In terms of materials, you will need a computer, editing software, a phone or video camera, and the light sources that you would like to use in your project, from a common lamp to professional equipment.

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