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Angular Architecture by Danil Chigirev

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Angular Architecture by Danil ChigirevAngular Architecture by Danil Chigirev Free Download Latest . It is of Angular Architecture by Danil Chigirev free download.

Angular Architecture by Danil Chigirev Overview

Angular Architecture by Danil Chigirev — Udemy — Last updated 10/2020 — Free download

Build a scalable and maintainable applications with Angular 9 (NgRx, Firebase, SCSS, Angular Material)

What you’ll learn

  • Organization of a clean project structure

  • Project and environment settings

  • File structure for styles and markup

  • Correct organization of Shared components

  • Using dictionaries to store commonly used values

  • Configuring Authentication

  • File upload and image processing

  • Create complex compound forms using multiple files

  • Working with lists of values in a store


  • Basic knowledge of Angular

If your application has become confusing and hard to maintain, or if you know the elements of Angular, but you are not sure how they can be combined in the best way, this course is for you. You will see that all parts of a complex application remain simple when the architecture is chosen correctly.


angular-application-architecture.rar   (download)
2.88 GB

Course content: https://www.udemy.com/course/angular-application-architecture/

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