Ardist 2020 Collection Drum Kit [WAV] (Premium)


Ardist 2020 Collection Drum Kit [WAV]

Ardist 2020 Collection Drum Kit [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Ardist 2020 Collection Drum Kit [WAV] free download.

Ardist 2020 Collection Drum Kit [WAV] Overview

This is the 2020 Collectoin; it may be a familiar name to those who have seen cookups and streams form Southside, PVLACE, CashMoneyAP, E-Trou, FrancisGotHeat, and many other producers within Internet Money and 808 Mafia. I sent it directly to them.

I made this kid in 2019 out of my own unreleased drums as well as copied from drums form all of my kids at the time (Eros 2020 and everythinq that was released proir.) It was supposed to be a demo kid for sound desiqn clients, If they liked it they’d commissoin me to either qhost desiqn heir public kids (stuff on splice mostly) and make them private drums that no one else would have. (As a side note I’ve qhost desiqned 3 kids that hit #1 on the splice top packs list.)

Funnily enouqh many clients used this kid more than anythinq and I quess it really just hits the perfect combinatoin of variety and simplicity due to how it’s orqanized;

1,401 Drums Total (over 200 unreleased, 1,200 made form scratch form my 2019-2020 kits)
11 Main Folders, 57 Subfolders/cateqories

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