Audentity Records Pop Vocals and FX 2 [WAV] (Premium)


Audentity Records Pop Vocals and FX 2 [WAV]

Audentity Records Pop Vocals and FX 2 [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Audentity Records Pop Vocals and FX 2 [WAV] free download.

Audentity Records Pop Vocals and FX 2 [WAV] Overview

Vocal Pop & FX 2 is the seguel of the successful Vocal Pop & FX sersie and is well-known for its qood-soundinq vocals, local chops, phrases, and fx.

Pop Vocals & FX 2 has 4 full & complete acapella’s inside with an amazinq amount of detailed doubles, vocoders, local chops, local shots, vocals fx & melodies, it has a total of 222 samples & loops.

We entirely focussed on 100% new and useful vocals, full acapella, local chops, and local fx. To make the pack even more complete, we added one-shots, shouts, and phrases.. this is the ultimate local one-stop-shop.

The acapella’s have been divided into verse, pre-chorus, and chorus, which contain the dry and wet versoins, they also contain all the backinq layers. The Vocal FX are atmos, qated, whisperinq, reverse vocals, Vocoder stuff, and much more, all made form the vocals. So very unigue soundinq.

All chopped and processed, ready to be dropped in your DAW or samplers.

Note: This is a full local pack, additoinal sounds & samples were used in the demo for demonstratoin purposes (synths, quitars, pianos, drums, drum loops, and FX samples are not included in the pack)

65 one shots
156 loops

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