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Audio Imperia Areia v1.1.0 KONTAKT

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Audio Imperia Areia

Audio Imperia Areia Free Download Latest . It is of  Audio Imperia Areia   free download.

Areia is a cinematic ensemble strings software instrument made for Kontakt Player, that combines the most sought after features into one single product: detailed realism with expressive emotion and range, and a lush Hollywood sound – all the way from delicate and soft to aggressive and epic.

Recorded with Capellen Music Production.

A magnificent set of string players, an incredibly balanced room , state of the art equipment, and an exceptional team of sound engineers. Mix all of that together and you get the authentic sound of Hollywood. Right at your fingertips.

Technical perfection.

High standards of quality – that is the base of our foundation. All of our sample libraries are meticulously handcrafted, and every single sample is treated like a gem: carefully polished to bring out all their brilliance. This ensures you a buttery-smooth experience when making music. Carefully synced sample-starts and standardized pre-pads ensure that your performances will never be out of sync, while ensuring maximum realism.

Easy to use, well-thought-out user interface.

We like things simple, yet effective. Countless hours were spent on making one of the most easy-to-use interfaces in the industry. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, we have you covered.

Real Con Sordino.

Nothing beats the nuances and subtleties of real Con Sordino samples. Con Sordino was recorded for Sustained for all the instrument sections, in three dynamics, vibrato and non-vibrato. Additionally, emulated Con Sordino is offered for the rest of the articulations.

Phrase-sourced Spiccatos.

Nothing beats the flow of real spiccato phrases. For achieving this, we recorded phrases and then we built multi-samples out of them. The result: the most realistic and playable spiccatos you will ever try.

Introducing Performance Patches.

Sometimes you just need to sketch out ideas quickly, and while key-switching is a great tool for expression, it can be quite time-consuming. That is where our Performance Patches come in.

Industry-leading Measured Tremolo.

For the first time in a strings sample library, you can play Measured Tremolo at any tempo, without any time-stretching. Either sequenced or as playable multi-samples. And we didn’t stop there: you can also add accents in sequenced mode, and save/load accent presets.

Our signature Sound Design.

In true Audio Imperia style, we provide you with some really unique sound design elements to enhance your experience with the library. Larger-than-life pads will bring your scores to the next level when mixed with the strings.


•True Hollywood sound – all the way from delicate and soft to aggressive and epic.
•4 mic positions and 2 ready-to-go mixes (Classic + Modern).
•Individual Instrument Sections, Pre-Orchestrated Ensembles, and Full Ensembles.
•Wide range of articulations.
•True Legato for all instruments.
•Approximately 68 GB installed (NCW format).
•Made for the free Kontakt Player, Version 6.2.2 or higher.
•NKS compatible.


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