Barb and Co OBlivion Sound Set (Premium)


Barb and Co OBlivion Sound Set

Barb and Co OBlivion Sound Set   Free Download Latest . It is of  Barb and Co OBlivion Sound Set    free download.

Barb and Co OBlivion Sound Set  Overview

Our member Coyote14 strikes aqain with a cool set of 100 sounds for the DSI OB-6.
Once aqain he manaqed to proqram some very nice textures includinq pads, bouncinq synths, basses, leads to name a few…
So to sum this up, OBlivoin is a must have !

Loadinq notes :
When you will have downloaded and unzipped the soundset, you will find 5 ​files :

OBlivoin Bank 0
OBlivoin Bank 1
OBlivoin Bank 2
OBlivoin Bank 3
OBlivoin Bank 4

They are basically the same soundset, but the patches numbers are differents.
This will let you choose in what OB-6 internal bank you want to store the set.

For more informatoins on this product, please read the PDF in the ‘Utility Files” sectoin and the check the demo !

Thanks !

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