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Beginner-Intermediate DJ Course by Rob Jones

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Beginner-Intermediate DJ Course by Rob Jones

Beginner-Intermediate DJ Course by Rob Jones  Free Download Latest . It is of  Beginner-Intermediate DJ Course by Rob Jones  free download.

Beginner-Intermediate DJ Course by Rob Jones Overview

Beginner-Intermediate DJ Course by Rob Jones — Producertech — Free download

Our Beginners-Intermediate course provides students with all the knowledge necessary to start mixing right away. As well as being guided through all the different types of DJing equipment available, the modules also provide more detailed information about each stage of the mixing process, such as how to setup decks and a mixer, how to cue tracks, choosing the right track to play and knowing when to mix it, how to set levels and EQ, as well as more advanced effects processing and mixing techniques. Furthermore, exercises are provided, with accompanying audio files, to enable students to improve their jogging and beatmatching skills.

The course has been designed and presented by our very own certified trainer, music producer and DJ – Rob Jones, and is presented in a series of online videos that you can watch where and when you prefer – with a full complement of accompanying downloadable materials for your future reference, which consists of comprehensive written notes and customized mp3s for you to practice mixing with.

Included with the Beginners-Intermediate course are a collection of DJ mixtools from Loopmasters, for practicing your basic DJing skills.

If you own some DJ kit, or even if you don’t yet, and you want to learn all the skills required to DJ with ease, take our Beginners-Intermediate DJ course today and you’ll be mixing in no time. We offer a free sample module that you can watch to see if you think our online video training is the right solution for you, accessable from the Media tab.


Course content: https://www.producertech.com/staff-picks/46/beginner-intermediate-dj-course

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