CGMA Matte Painting Master Class Free Download (Premium)


CGMA Matte Painting Master Class

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File NameCGMA Matte Painting Master Class
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update and Published2023

This is my 8 Week CGMA Matte Painting Master Class available now as a bundle!

Each week takes you through different lighting conditions with an assignment and my Demo PSD. We cover Overcast, Directional Sunlight, Night time, Sunset as well as Cityscape Matte painting. In depth lectures on my approach, techniques and workflow that you can apply to matte painting, concept art and 3D work for Feature Film and Games. Learn the techniques and how to train your eye to take your work to a polished and production ready level with this Master Class!

8 weeks of lectures

13 hours total lecture time

My demo PSD’s for each week (Wk7 is combined with Wk08)

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