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ASCII Box Drawing Framework

ASCII Box Drawing Framework Download Latest . It is of ASCII Box Drawing Framework Free Download.

ASCII Box Drawing Framework Overview

Shell – ASCII / MS-DOS Box Drawing Framework.
The most complete framework for recreating terminal and MS-DOS Code Page 437 environments in the browser.
Images Shell allows you to convert any image (in any format) into works of ASCII art. Just add a a simple class: ascii-image to any image and let Shell handle the rest.
Real-Time Video Shell converts video playback into ASCII by harnessing the power of HTML5 and javascript. Shell provides options for controlling the FPS, letter inversion and even custom character selection.
ASCII Boxes Carefully modeled after classically-programmed interfaces, ASCII boxes are built using pure CSS – no images. Shell puts the old-school Code Page 437 back in your hands.
Collapsible ASCII Boxes.
Shell can be used to develop complete interfaces or to add a little retro flare. Shell automatically warps your DIV decades back in time – without relying on any images – by adding a simple class.
ASCII Boxes are optionally draggable, with custom handles and automatic layering.
Geek out and optionally use actual Code Page 437 codes to customize ASCII Box Scrollbars, Shadows and Buttons.
Customizable Real-time Video Player.
Video Controls Customize the color, font and FPS for ASCII Video – as well as what characters Shell should use during playback. Any element can quickly be assigned as Video Controls.
Cursors:| Shell includes additional cursor options, such as animated blinking cursors that can be placed anywhere on your page and are perfect for mock prompts.
Animated Typing Shell creates a Animated Typing elements with simple classes. You can customize as many strings to be typed and control animation speeds, cursor visbility and more.

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