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cnhphotography Creative Portrait Editing Tutorial Free Download

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cnhphotography Creative Portrait Editing Tutorial Free Download

cnhphotography Creative Portrait Editing Tutorial free download Latest . It is of  cnhphotography Creative Portrait Editing Tutorial  free download.

cnhphotography Creative Portrait Editing Tutorial Overview

This tutorial is focused on how to elevate and take your photos to the next level creatively using photoshop compositing. It’s a 70+ minute tutorial explaining everything in depth showing my entire workflow, how I edit this specific image from start to finish with all of my UPDATED skin and color techniques! We are going to be using Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop, prior knowledge is useful but it is not necessary. Set your photos apart from the rest. This tutorial is perfect for beginners, intermediate or pros looking to learn the foundations of compositing or learn more about skin retouching/color grading, and many other tricks.

What’s Included:

* Video tutorial that showcases my editing process/techniques from start to finish (70+ Minutes)

* The RAW file so you can follow along with me (please note that this is just for the tutorial, you may not post the image anywhere online)

* A Frequency Separation action to make your skin retouching workflow faster.

* (1) Stock background image

* (1) Snow Overlay

What’s Covered:

* Learn how to process raw files in Photoshop and Lightroom

* Learn how to get rid of blemishes and make the skin tone even using Frequency Separation (retouching technique)

* Learn how to select a subject out of a background and replace a different background in with ease

* Learn how to add overlays to make the composite more believable while enhancing the overall image

*Learn how to use different adjustment layers and color panels to transform the image and create a believable color story

* Learn how to make the subject stand out with global dodge and burn, adding emphasis to the eyes, shadows/highlights and much more to give a 3D pop effect

* How to save & sharpen your image for Instagram

* and much more!


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