Colin Keeley – How to Buy a Small Business Download 2023 (Premium)


Colin Keeley – How to Buy a Small Business

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File NameColin Keeley – How to Buy a Small Business
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What you’ll leave with

A Concrete Plan: Understand your skills, decide on what your target deal looks like, and set up your legal entity to be ready for your acquisition.
Streamlined Search Process: Finding the perfect business to buy is hard. We will start to build top-quality deal flow together. You don’t have to settle. By the end, you will have contacted brokers, owners, and marketplaces in your space.
First Deal Analyzed: How do you know if you’ve found a great deal? We go through how to diligence your deal qualitatively and quantitatively with financial modeling templates and diligence checklists.
Lifelong Community / Network: Searching is more fun with friends. Your acquisition peers will hold you accountable in your search. And our ever-expanding list of trusted service providers will give you the confidence to close a deal.
Creative Finance Options: We go through creative ways to fund and structure your deals for maximum returns and minimum money upfront. You don’t need as much money as you think you do.
Confidence to Close: When you find the right business to buy, you will have the resources, tools, service providers, and network needed to close quickly.

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