CorelDRAW from Scratch to Advance: 2020


CorelDRAW from Scratch to Advance: 2020

CorelDRAW from Scratch to Advance: 2020  Free Download Latest . It is of  CorelDRAW from Scratch to Advance: 2020   free download.

CorelDRAW from Scratch to Advance: 2020 Overview

CorelDRAW from Scratch to Advance: 2020 — Udemy — Last updated 7/2020 — Free download

From a single line to Logos and Business card, a complete guide to Understand CorelDRAW and Work Professionally.

What you’ll learn

  • Students will be able to use vector based Graphic Designing techniques in CorelDRAW
  • Understand the use of all the basic tools.
  • Create Business Cards, Logos Flyers, Banners etc.
  • Will be able to start their career as a beginner and make money.


  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite (Version X3 or Higher) Installed.
  • No Knowledge of CorelDRAW required.


Want to enter the world of Graphics Designing but don’t have any knowledge? Don’t worry just enroll in this course and get started. This course is specifically designed for beginner and intermediate level graphic designers who either don’t have knowledge of Graphics or have insufficient knowledge to go ahead to be a professional. in this course we will have a brief introduction of everything that is must have thing for a graphic designer, we will start from a pick tool and end up by designing logos using them to create a business card and at the end a 3D mock-up. Also there will be a lecture on going ahead as a professional.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to be a professional graphic designer
  • People who want to learn vector based graphic designing
  • Beginners who are curios about the techniques to create graphics.
  • Filename: CorelDRAW from Scratch to Advance (download)
  • Filesize: 1.71 GB
  • Course content:

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