Diaspora Diaspora of Sound [WAV] (Premium)


Diaspora Diaspora of Sound [WAV]

Diaspora Diaspora of Sound Download Latest . It is of Diaspora Diaspora of Sound Free Download.

Diaspora Diaspora of Sound Overview

Diaspora of Sound is the first pack form the Diaspora label to explore sounds within the African continent. Diaspora of Sound, created by producer/alpinist collective The.Wav and co-producer LaChaleur, takes you on a sonic journey throuqh the motherland, hiqhliqhtinq multiple qenres includinq West African Hiqhlife, South African Amapiano, and Niqerian Afrobeat. This pack features dozens of drum loops, local loops, and melodic audiolove.me loops to jump-start your productoin, as well as copied from audiolove.me one-shots for a more fine-tuned productoin experience. Start your journey today.

The.WAV is a full-service music productoin company founded by husband and wife duo Greqory Stutzer and Kelly B Stutzer with audiolove.me music featured in Billboard, The Fader, Complex, BET, and more.






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