Digital Illustration with Manga Influence by Akimaro


Digital Illustration with Manga Influence by Akimaro
Digital Illustration with Manga Influence by Akimaro  Free Download Latest . It is of  Digital Illustration with Manga Influence by Akimaro  free download.

Digital Illustration with Manga Influence by Akimaro Overview

Every culture has a unique way of telling stories. In Japan, they use manga to create stories that are full of symbolism and emotion. Illustrator and graphic designer Adriana De la Torre, also known as Akimaro, has always been fascinated by how manga characters can express so much with their bodies or a look.

In this course, Akimaro introduces you to the world of manga and teaches you how to illustrate using this style. Discover the narrative and visual elements to draw complex concepts in a simple way. Finally, learn how to create atmospheric scenes and characters that are capable of communicating real emotions.

Start by getting to know Akimaro—where she comes from, her beginnings as a graphic designer, and how she combined her career with her passion for illustration. Get to know the artists who inspire her and some of her favorite projects.

Discover what makes the manga style so special and how it has evolved. Akimaro gives some tips on shaping your voice and defining your final project. By the end of this unit, you’re ready to start drawing.

Discover the thumbnailing process for exploring different graphic proposals and learn the importance of a mood board. Then, outline and apply the base colors to your digital illustrations. Finally, experiment with lighting to achieve the right atmosphere.

Akimaro shows you some final techniques for making your illustration stand out from the crowd, including unique textures and special effects. Finally, export your project for different formats and share it with the world.

What is this course’s project?

Create an emotion-based illustration as part of a three-image narrative sequence, ready to use in your portfolio or posting on social media.

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in the world of manga as a digital medium and who wants to conceptualize better narrative illustrations.

What you need

To take this course, some basic notions of Adobe Photoshop and a fondness for drawing are recommended.

As for the materials, you will need some illustration basics like paper and a pencil, as well as a tablet with Photoshop or a similar digital drawing software.

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