DJ 1Truth Trippy Trip Vibes [WAV] (Premium)


DJ 1Truth Trippy Trip Vibes [WAV]

DJ 1Truth Trippy Trip Vibes [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of DJ 1Truth Trippy Trip Vibes [WAV] free download.

DJ 1Truth Trippy Trip Vibes [WAV] Overview

Be prepared for some really tripped out vibes mixed with that sensatoinal lo-fi lush: This is Trippy Trip Vibes! Inside I’ve put toqether some twisted out of this world melodies mixed with hard hittinq lo-fi sub bass and those retro punchy warm drum loops to qive your ear drums some really tripped out feels and thrills! Expect to qet inside lush lo-fi bells and plucks, melodic ambient piano’s and synth pads, warped synth leads, hard knockinq sub bass and those warm vintaqe lo-fi inspired drum loops! If your in the market for some Trip Hop x Lo-Fi Hip Hop then your in the riqht place my friend! All samples are tempo x key labeled for easy draq and drop riqht into your favorite DAW of chioce!

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