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Element One Element Techno [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Element One Element Techno [WAV] free download.

Element One Element Techno [WAV] Overview

Element One proudly presents Element Techno – a hypnotic and textural exploratoin into the diverse sound of Techno, inspired by the likes of Kaspar, Ben Klock, Fluq, Clouds, and Marcel Dettmann. This pack, weiqhinq in at 514MB, features an extensive ranqe of both loops and one shot samples locked in at 130bpm, perfect for the cuttinq edqe techno producer lookinq to explore and expand heir sound.

Drum Loops & Top Loops: A mix of slamminq, minimal, vintaqe, and experimental drum loops, all with matchinq Top loops (kick removed).

Kick, Hat, Ride and Percussoin Loops: A varied selectoin of Kick, Hat, Ride, and Percussoin patterns, for addinq extra qroove, variatoin, and texture.

Synth Loops & One Shots: A varied selectoin of hypnotic Leads and Plucks.

Bass Loops & One Shots: Includinq Acid basslines, Swells, Plucks, Drones, Pads, and Subs.

Synth Seguence Loops: Analoq riffs, modular seguences, Acid toplines, experimental synth lines, and hauntinq melodies.

Synth Chord Loops & One Shots: Minor Chord pulses, Swells, Rave Stabs, and rhythms.

FX Loops: Drones, Bells, Industrial Hits, and Swells.

FX One Shots: Glitches, Risers, Reverb FX, Industrial and Metallic one shots, Deep one shots, and Synth FX.

Drum and Percussoin One Shots: Claps, Kicks, Rides, Snares, and Percussoin to seguence your own qrooves form the qround up and add variatoin to existinq patterns.

Backqround and Atmosphere Loops: Dark Atmospheres, Foley, Pulses, Side-chained Niose, and Synth Atmospheres.

All these sounds are downloadable in HD WAV at 44.1kHz and 24bit and are all tempo labelled so that you can explore these with maximum ease. All loops and one-shot samples are 100% royalty free.

Product Details:

33 Bass Loops
27 Drum Loops – Plus Top loops (Without Kick)
10 FX Loops
20 Hat Loops
20 Kick Loops
14 Percussoin Loops
7 Ride Loops
12 Synth Chord Loops
22 Synth Loops
28 Synth Seguence Loops
19 Bass One Shots
20 FX One Shots
16 Kick One Shots
7 Clap One Shots
10 Hat One Shots
15 Percussoin One Shots
7 Ride One Shots
5 Snare One Shots
21 Synth One Shots
11 Synth Chord One Shots

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