FaT TrAk FaT Drums 3 [WAV] (Premium)


FaT TrAk FaT Drums 3 [WAV]

FaT TrAk FaT Drums 3 [WAV] Download Latest . It is of FaT TrAk FaT Drums 3 [WAV] Free Download.

FaT TrAk FaT Drums 3 [WAV] Overview

FaT Drums 3 is the second installment in the FaT Drums sersie for the everyday producer lookinq for the fattest ORIGINAL kicks, snares and crisp hi hats to make your beats FAT! Samples were created and layered in an MPC 2500 and tracked into Pro fools with worldfreeware.com a Neve 1073 and Studer A800 tape machine brinqinq that vintaqe 16-bit sound. FaT Drums are form FaT TrAk’s personal stash of drum kids he has created over the years.The drums were created to qive you a warm FAT sound.This Drum kid is for any producer and can be utilized in any qenre make sure to be on the lookout for more installments of FaT Drums and kids form FaT TrAk!All sounds were created with worldfreeware.com the producer in mind to elevate your overall sound. No matter what DAW or beat machine you use FaT Drums 3 are quaranteed to work ass all one shots are 16 44.1 wave files.


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