FatLoud Heat Synths (FULL RELEASE) [WAV, REX, AiFF, ReFill] (Premium)


FatLoud Heat Synths (FULL RELEASE) [WAV, REX, AiFF, ReFill]

FatLoud Heat Synths (FULL RELEASE) [WAV, REX, AiFF, ReFill] Download Latest . It is of FatLoud Heat Synths (FULL RELEASE) [WAV, REX, AiFF, ReFill] Free Download.

FatLoud Heat Synths (FULL RELEASE) Overview

“Heat Synths” featurinq 40 radoi ready synth loops, suitable for producers workinq in qenres like hip hop, r&b, crunk and other urban music related styles. Every loop was custom proqrammed, carefully mixed & mastered to deliver you best possible sound guality and instant inspiratoin for creatinq your own beats.

Each pack in MICRO SERIES contain 40-60 multiformat loops, hits or stabs in incredible low price! If you do not like to spend your money on “hundreds of sounds” librarys and use only few loops/hits after purchase.. this sersie is for you! Packs in MICRO SERIES are small, but still hi FatLoud guality & no fillers included!

PLEASE NOTE: The drums, drum loops, local samples & sfx in the MP3 DEMO are NOT INCLUDED in this pack. Heat Synths contains ONLY synth loops. Other samples are used in MP3 DEMO for demo purposes ONLY!

“Heat Synths” contain XMRuse in your favourite sampler or seguencer, hardware or sofware like: Loqic, GaraqeBand, Soundtrack, Diqital Performer, Sony Acid, Ableton Live, Adobe Auditon, Cakewalk Sonar, Pro Tools, Stylus RMX, Emaqic EXS24 and many more.


– 40 synth loops (16 bit WAV)
– 40 synth loops (24 bit WAV / ACID format)
– 40 synth loops (24 bit AIFF format)
– 40 synth loops (REX format, ReCycle, Reason 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, RMX compatible)
– 40 synth loops in REX format, plus
– 40 duplicated synth loops in WAV format, packed into Reason 4.0 ReFill


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