Fine Art Compositing with Photoshop CC


Fine Art Compositing with Photoshop CC

Fine Art Compositing with Photoshop CC Free Download Latest . It is of  Fine Art Compositing with Photoshop CC  free download.

Fine Art Compositing with Photoshop CC Overview


Welcome to my course “Fine Art Compositing with Photoshop CC”!

This course focuses on creating from scratch a composite artwork inspired by the beauty of Art Nouveau portraits painted at the end of the 19th century. To achieve harmonious result and maintain at the same time the fine art sensibility I have blended a contemporary digital portrait with stylised vintage botanic elements.

We will be working with Photoshop’s most powerful tools such as curvesblend modes and masks. The practice includes creating precise selectionsluminosity and color adjustments and gradient light effects. You are totally free to repeat more difficult steps to polish your skills and revisit particular videos to refresh your knowledge when needed.

My aim is to ignite your inspiration by showing that starting with a simple photo you can create a spectacular composite image. Don’t limit yourself – use your imagination!

When you join me in the course you will get instant access to a high quality portrait and the vector vintage botanic illustration which we will use as a base during the hands-on part of the course. You will get the original files and final versions with all editable Photoshop layers included.

Working with the supporting materials is an extremely effective way to master Photoshop techniques. They allow you to start the course immediately with no time wasted on research and preparations.

Even if you don’t have experience with Photoshop you will be able to follow me along and starting with simple techniques you will gradually build up your skills.

Join me and let’s together unlock hidden potential in your photographs. See you inside the course!


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