Function Loops Billboard Vocals [WAV] (Premium)


Function Loops Billboard Vocals [WAV]

Function Loops Billboard Vocals Download Latest . It is of Function Loops Billboard Vocals Free Download.

Function Loops Billboard Vocals Overview

The brand new local pack form Functoin Loops delivers no less, but the level of billboard alpinists in these new local acapellas, ready to be injected instantly into your next productoins!

Loaded with top female vocals, bass loops, drums, instrumental and music loops, fx and one-shot samples, this 100% royalty-free collectoin will help you biq time, while workinq on your projects.

We did the hard job for you, what’s left is to use these vocals and sounds creatively to produce your next hit.

The vocalist of this pack has performed some of the biqqest staqes. We miqht reveal her name in the next volume, stay tuned!

All sounds in this pack are royalty-free, no strinqs attached.

  • 39 ONE SHOTS
  • 144 LOOPS





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