FX MagiCoin for After Effects


FX MagiCoin for After Effects

FX MagiCoin for After Effects Download Latest . It is of FX MagiCoin for After Effects Free Download.

FX MagiCoin for After Effects Overview

Create and animate stylish spinning coins within native After Effects Shape Layers (without any plugins !)

FX MagiCoin is a valuable toolset for AfterEffects that allows you to :


    • Create many vector FX MagiCoin layers in the same comp.


    • Customize various aspects of the coins usnig a feature rich pseudo-effect (coin radius, design/currency symbol per side, ring cloned elements, extrusion/core materials, extrusion stripes count, reflectivity, color schemes per material…).


    • Animate with simple “Spinning Angle” and “Spinning Orientation” (horizontaly or verticaly) controls


    • Change the currency and colors of a selected FX MagiCoin layer on the fly thanks to a useful presets dropdown list


    • Make another layer “stick” to the front or the back side of an existing FX MagiCoin layer with the click of a button



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