FXPHD – RSV110 – Introduction to Fusion in Resolve Free Download


FXPHD – RSV110 – Introduction to Fusion in Resolve

Introduction to Fusion in Resolve
Taught by Graham Davidson

Course Number: RSV110
Software Version: 15
Original Run Date: January 2019
Duration: 6 Hours 33 Minutes

During this course comprised of eleven classes, Graham Davidson will show you how to carry out a broad range of day to day effects-related tasks in Resolve. The nearly seven hours of training covers everything from the basics of navigating the interface to making 3D titles move along an animated path or turn into rising steam. It will take you through the tracking and keying options as well as demonstrate how to create convincing timelapse clouds and moving water from still photographs using displacement and the Grid Warp Tool.

Course syllabus

Class 1: Interface overview and basic transform options and motion paths

Class 2: Using trackers to create motion paths in both 2d and 3d space

Class 3: Using the grid warp and displacement tools to add movement to still images

Class 4: Basic keying options in fusion

Class 5: Using 3d particle effects to create a swirling ball of pixie dust

Class 6: Turning graphics into rising steam with 2d particle effects

Class 7: Creating 3d and 2d text on animated paths

Class 8: Creating simple 3d objects and importing a 3d mesh

Class 9: Using the planar tracker for screen and label replacement

Class 10: Using the camera tracker to add a 3d object to footage

Class 11: Basic use of the paint tool and planar tracker to remove objects from a scene

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