Getting Started With Digital Painting (Premium)


Getting Started With Digital PaintingGetting Started With Digital Painting

Getting Started With Digital Painting Free Download Latest . It is of Getting Started With Digital Painting Free Download.

Software training material for anyone who wants to hit the ground running with digital painting.
My goal with this class is to demystify the software and digital art processes so that your creativity can take the reins! It will show you how to set up the digital workspace for optimal workflow, and take you through the most common and useful functions, brushes, tools, filters, layers and painting processes.



Three popular digital painting software packages will be shown:

Photoshop Krita Procreate

They will be used to demonstrate how each app performs the same (or similar) functions, and with lessons and tips that can be extrapolated to most digital painting apps available today.

The class is aimed at:

    • New artists (of all ages)
    • Traditional artists looking to apply their existing skills in the digital medium
    • Anybody who is daunted by the task of creating art on a computer

The class breaks down topics such as:

    • The user interface, and how to customize it for optimal workflow
    • The tools bar
    • Brushes, both using them, adjusting their settings, importing brushpacks and creating your own
    • Making brushes look less digital and more natural
    • Common digital selection tools, masking, sampling, warping, skewing, etc.
    • When and how to use layers
    • Layer FX
    • Working with common editing tools such as curves, levels, exposure adjustments
    • **A set of my brushes are included with this purchase. They work in both Photoshop and Procreate**
  • and more!

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