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Ghosthack Sounds Ultimate Indian Percussions WAV (premium)

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Ghosthack Sounds Ultimate Indian Percussions WAV

09/September/2020 | 3.25GB

Inhale, India awaits!

With the summer coming closer and temperatures rising in the northern hemisphere, the lust for warm sounds intensifies with every week. So we gathered some of the most organic percussion samples out there in one extensive package.

Whether you want to compose a whole piece with pure rhythmic delicacy and evoke bone dry street scenes from New-Delhi or give your next production this special Indian vibe – the (Ultimate Indian Percussions) will do the job and provide you with a sound palette that goes beyond the usual Asian and Oriental selection.

From all kinds of Bongos and Cabas, to the hourglass-shaped Dhadd and different iterations of the Dholak, to the more bulgy Kanjira or several dozens of Tabla samples, it’s all here in more than 1,800 high quality WAV files.

Just take a deep breath, immerse yourself and the listener within a jungle of absolutely exotic, lucid loops and one shots contained in 110, 128, 140 as well as 150 bpm. It’s quite a different set of rhythmic versatility, equally suited to reshape the tonal focus of a hazy new track or create a mesmerizing extension of an already existing production.

All instruments were played by the gifted “Pandit K. V. Balakrishnan”, well known percussion virtuoso and supplier of many excellent sounds for fueling rhythms with scale, all around the globe and now here at Ghosthack.

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