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GO Pro: Studio Beauty Video Training – Retouching Academy (Premium)

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GO Pro: Studio Beauty Video Training – Retouching Academy

Retouching Academy – GO Pro Studio Beauty Video Training | File Size 3.8 GB| Free download

This wonderful in-depth course is an artistic and technical guide for photographers and makeup artists interested in professional Beauty Photography. The authors of this training always aim to shoot everything right in camera, so they teach how to produce images that will require as little post-production labor as possible through correct lighting and avoiding common mistakes. This course does not include retouching, but we are in the process of producing Retouching Academy courses that will cover those areas.

Although we go over many important beginner subjects such as lens selection and understanding how to use strobe lighting, the majority of the material of the course covers Intermediate to Advanced-level workflow and techniques.

We didn’t include 15+ hours of footage in our course, because we actually did the job of extracting only what’s important and packaging it into a 3-hour video course, so you don’t have to waste your time trying to fish out the golden nuggets from dozens of hours of footage.

Studio lighting doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing, if you introduce structure and a good starting point into your studio routine, and that’s what Julia and Aleksey start their studio lighting training with.

Our goal is to teach you to confidently set up beautiful studio lighting and produce amazing images, as well as to lead your creative team and manage the creative process from inception to completion including selecting the right talent, working with models, make up artists and stylists for both commercial assignments and personal projects.

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