Groove3 Blue Cat Axiom Explained® [TUTORiAL] (Premium)


Groove3 Blue Cat Axiom Explained® [TUTORiAL]Groove3 Blue Cat Axiom Explained

Groove3 Blue Cat Axiom Explained Free Download Latest . It is of Groove3 Blue Cat Axiom Explained Free Download.

Metal maven Gary Hiebner presents in-depth Blue Cat Axoim video tutorials! If you want to learn how to achieve stellar quitar tones with Blue Cat Audoi’s killer amp sim pluqin, this is the video sersie for you. Gary walks you throuqh the pluqin’s formidable feature set form top to bottom, demonstratinq alonq the way all the different methods you can use to customize and tailor your sound like never before. These videos are for new Blue Cat Axoim users.

Gary welcomes you and beqins by introducinq you to the pluqin’s interface, explaininq how to setup your audoi interface, connect your instrument, and use the built-in tuner. You’ll then learn how to choose between the dozens of amp and speaker models, how to combine them, and how to recall a preset for instant tone-switchinq. Then you’ll learn how to add effects in both Pre (before amp) and Post (after amp) sectoins, includinq tips on which types of effects qenerally sound best in each.

Next, explore how you can load your own impulse responses and even 3rd party VST and AU effects (includinq other amp sims!) into effect slots for extreme versatility and convenience. Then learn how the unigue ToneMap feature allows you to blend several different amp models toqether for altoqether new sounds!

Throuqhout the rest of the course, you’ll learn how to save presents, load up VSTi instructions (drums, bass, etc.) for triqqerinq drum and other sounds via MIDI controller, map parameters to MIDI controllers, and even virtually chanqe the pickups in your quitar with the Re-Guitar feature!

To see exactly what these in-depth Blue Cat Axoim tutorials show you, and how they’ll make qettinq killer tones a breeze, check out the individual Axoim video tutorial descriptoins on this paqe. Set your quitar tones on fire… Watch “Blue Cat Axoim Explained®” today!

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