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Joel Grimes Beauty Portrait Masterclass Download Overview

Blow away your friends and family with your art. This masterclass will teach you how to lean into the creative process, master photography, and create images you never thought possible.


What You’ll Learn

Why is Lighting so Important
Lighting will play a big part in the process of achieving some of the results we are going for in this masterclass. I want to break downlight in an understandable way before we start shooting.

No Light is Perfect, to Begin With
There’s a formula to lighting, but it needs to be tweaked for every setup. In this lesson, we’ll cover what to look for and how to adjust our lighting, what the change will mean, and ho…

How Lighting Changes a Background
Moving our light to get the shadows and detail right will also affect the background. This lesson will show you how these changes affect a pure white and a 50% gray background.

Artistic Lighting Choices
Working with a 5ft Octo Box, I’ll show you how distance and exposure affect this soft light. I’ll discuss the changes you can make to get the look you want. This is where artistic choic…

Ultra-Soft Lighting
In this last testing phase, I’ll walk you through working with a 7ft Octo. This produces the most gorgeous soft light. It might not be the right look for you, but I want you to understand all…

Removing the Mystery of Lighting
Using a piece of software, I’ll show you many dramatic changes that moving your lights and camera can achieve. Removing the mystery of setting up your lights will speed up your shoots and imp…

Creating a Sunlight Looks in the Studio
In this first shoot, I’ll photograph model Jess against a white wall to create a clean “sunlit” image that will look amazing. I’ll teach you lighting tips, camera settings, …

Black White Retouching Process
Let’s get the best from this image! I wanted to make a snappy black & white image from the shot with Jess. Join me for the retouch and learn how to improve your pictures, how to add a tex…

Setting Up the Shot and Props
I wanted to show how effective some cheap fabric can add a fantastic look to your image. This comes with its problems so learn how to set up, problem solve, and shoot a one-light portrait.

Do we Need a Bigger Light Source?
Sometimes an image just isn’t looking right, and we need to change something. Let’s change the light and see if we get the shot. I’ll teach you what to think about to get the perf…

Creating a Silhouette and Masking the Light
This is a super fun process that I’ve wanted to try. This technique will allow you to create an incredible look – a silhouette but with a pool of light on your subject.

Retouching for a Silhouette Effect
To really finish this process it requires a few simple steps when it comes to the retouch. I’ll show you some simple compositing techniques for combining a subject and a background to create …

Rembrandt Cross Lighting our Subject
In this lesson, I’ll talk about, explain, and show you how I set up a shot to create the classic and impactful Rembrandt cross light.

Frequency Separation Made Simple
Frequency separation is the most potent skin retouching technique. I’ll be using this technique a lot throughout the retouching sections of this masterclass. So before we get started, I wante…

Retouching our Rembrandt Cross Light Image
In this lesson, I’ll walk you through my process for switching out a background, masking quickly, adding texture, controlling light, improving skin, and more!

Exploring a Setup
Reading a scene and having the freedom and confidence to try some new things can produce some incredible images. I’ll walk you through a shot using a clean background and a box with a fun com…

Compositing Ava Into a New Scene
In this lesson, I’ll walk you through my workflow of transporting a subject from a simple empty scene to a dramatic and extraordinary final image. This lesson is packed full of my hard-won tr…

Creating a Wedge Wall Portrait
I love the look of shooting within a wedge wall. I have a few tricks up my sleeve, though, which I’ll share in this lesson. You can create some compelling images using these techniques.

Retouch – Adding a Texture to our Wedge Wall
Having these skills makes it much easier to shoot a wedge wall image because you don’t need the perfect wall. I’ll show you how I add texture, color, and compositional effects to build …

Sonum Wedge Wall Portrait with a Smaller Light Source
To show what’s possible with different light sources and sizes, I’m going to give this wedge wall portrait another go. This will show you how to work with what equipment you have to pro…

Cross Light Depth
I love working with cross light because it brings beautiful depth to an image. Mastering Rembrandt cross lighting is going to be one of the most powerful techniques in your arsenal. Let’s tal…

What can you Create with Five Minutes to Spare?

Before we finish this shoot, I wanted to take five minutes to get one more image. I want to show you what’s possible with a couple of minutes, a simple setup, and a willing subject. This is s…

Victorian Wardrobe with Rembrandt Cross Light
Working with a 50% gray backdrop is very inspiring – it leaves a world of possibilities when it comes to the retouch. This leaves a whole plethora of creative ideas on the table, and I’ll sho…

Cross Lighting Changes to Think About
We can change the mood of an image by a number of small changes to lighting position, power, size, and distance. In this lesson, I’ll make some changes and explain my process to help you make…

Bonus Retouching Trick – Creating a Painted Background
Before we jump into the retouch of these Victorian images, I wanted to teach you how to create a painterly-looking background for your pictures. I’ve included some downloadable tools for you …

Soft Light with a Black Dress
This shot was inspired by the dress Mallory was wearing. This lesson shows what can happen when you keep alert to what’s in front of you. I’ll explain the lighting, composition, posing,…

Full Body Problem Solving
Lighting, posing, and shooting a full-body shot has its complications. I’ll teach you how I overcome these in this lesson.

Retouching and Compositing from Atlanta to England
Let’s get into some more advanced compositing here. This shot lends itself to an in-depth composite. It’s a little challenging, a lot of fun, and the result will be incredible. I’…

Creative Lighting Using Double Exposure
I’m so excited about this one. I’m going to walk you through how to shoot with a retouching process in mind. We have to get the perfect pose, silhouette, lighting, everything.

Retouching Using my Masking Technique
Because I’ve now got a silhouette and a lit version of Destiny, I’m free to be super creative in the retouch. I hope you’ll learn some new tricks in this lesson and be inspired to…

My Three Light Technique Explained
In this lesson, I’ll go in-depth into one of my favorite portrait lighting setups. I’ll also walk you through some of the final images from this shoot, where I tried some different ligh…

Final Retouch
In this last retouching lesson, I’ll show you some pretty simple techniques for maximizing a silhouetted effect and cleaning up a background.


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