Jvke- 16MM FILM EMULATION POWERGRADE  Free Download Latest . It is of  Jvke- 16MM FILM EMULATION POWERGRADE   free download.


Easy to Use

Customizable via optional Look Modifiers

Camera Specific conversions via Color Space Transform OFX Plugin (built-in to Resolve)

Ideal for any type of project

Durable and non-destructive to footage of all types (8 bit included)

Speeds up your workflow by removing guess work

Blaze through projects by using a fixed node tree

*Only for Davinci Resolve

This 16mm PowerGrade combines several advanced techniques in film emulation. From the built in gamma conversions to properly imitate film halation, to nuanced exposure/contrast modifications to make digital footage feel more analog, you won’t find another film emulation PowerGrade with this much character.


See it in action!

Above is the PowerGrade you will receive. We start with a shot matching node placed first in the order of processes to help match your footage before the modifications are applied. Then comes the ‘PRE-LOOK’ node, which we use to apply our initial balance to the image and make basic corrections, as some corrections can be impossible to make further along the chain as some detail may be lost if not properly balanced initially.

Then comes the heavy lifters. Through various effects and primary adjustments, we arrive at a clean but powerful 16mm Film Emulation. These compound nodes (such as ‘HALATION’ and ‘GRAIN’), can be dissected or modified at surface level. By simply selecting the compound node, you can adjust the intensity of the overall effect by using the Output slider in the Keyer tab. The same goes for the ‘BLEACH’ compound node which is a bleach bypass compound node that contains the basic bleach bypass effect as well as a pre-node to ensure little to no exposure changes when the effect is applied.

The secret to this PowerGrade’s versatility and usability is the customizable Color Space Transform early in the process. This node converts your camera’s log space into a new gamma that is much more ideal and technically accurate when emulating film. This allows us to operate in a custom “color managed” workflow, which may lead to more consistency across footage from different cameras. Not sure what color space or camera your footage is from? Or maybe your footage isn’t shot in log at all? No worries. Set your input gamma to Gamma 2.4 in the Color Space Transform OFX in Node 3 and use Node 2 to apply your basic contrast adjustments.

The rest of the nodes all work in tandem to tie the look together. But they’re all broken up so that you maintain full control of the look YOU want. Using the Output slider in the Keyer tab, you can dial back the intensity of any given node or compound node, or disable the node altogether. But why stop there? You’ll also notice a parallel node containing 6 optional Look Modifiers. You can mix and match these nodes to even further customize the look using global changes that gently alter the overall look of the image.

So what are you waiting for? I’ve done all the tedious work. All that’s left is the fun part. Don’t forget to tag me in what you create!

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