LANState Pro 9.2 Free Download

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LANState Pro 9

LANState Pro 9

LANState Pro 9  Free Download Latest Version for Windows. It is full offline installer standalone setup of  LANState Pro 9  free download with the free for x32/x64 Bit version.

LANState Pro 9 Overview

LANState scans the network topology automatically, and generates a graphical map, which speeds up accessing to remote hosts’ properties and resources, and managing those.

Scan your LAN or add important hosts manually to the network map and monitor their operation. You can add any host, device, or server to your map, draw lines and areas, add text labels and background images for better visual appearance.

Export network diagram to VisioThe program can export the network maps to graphic images, Microsoft Visio documents, and XML files.

LANState Pro 9

LANState Pro 9

The Pro version contains a built-in web server so remote users or you can connect to your workplace and see the network map displaying the actual devices’ states (on / off) using your mobile device.

Monitor Servers, Databases, Switches and Their Ports

The program is very easy to configure and setup everything. After the network scan, the program starts monitoring each found host using the ICMP ping check (by default). You can easily add more checks, change monitoring settings, or enable the alert notifications. Add more checks to monitor your databases, servers, switches, printers, etc. The program handles almost 30 monitoring checks for various networking protocols and services. These include: SQL, HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, etc.

LANState can monitor various parameters on network devices via SNMP and SNMP traps. You can monitor managed switches (temperature, CPU usage, disk space), routers, UPS (voltage), optic and cable equipment (signal level), printers (toner level), door and rack sensors, etc.

Thanks to the graphical map, you can see results of the monitoring checks on a graphical map in the real time. Active hosts with successful checks will be displayed highlighted and the failed ones will be shaded. You can just click a tray icon at any time, and see on the visual map which servers and switches are operating and which went down and are not responding.

The program records all the monitoring parameters’ values (if this is voltage, temperature, free disk space, or the signal level). If you just monitor the host’s availability, the program will record the response times. You can always watch and analyze these statistics diagrams and trends finding bottlenecks and predicting potential problems.

Configure alerts and receive email or SMS notifications when something goes wrong on your LAN when some host or service goes down before anyone notices.

Employing LANState makes it essentially easier to administer and monitor processes in networks of any ranges or sizes.

Operating systems supported: Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10; Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019

You can download free 30-day trial version and try the program on your network.

Why LANState? The Program’s Benefits

  • Network mapper and monitor – LANState
  • LANState builds a network map automatically by scanning Windows network neighborhood or IP address range.are gathered from managed switches via SNMP and LLDP.
  • Save your network map for future use, print it, or export to a bitmap file.
  • Be notified by background device monitoring via a screen message, sound, or e-mail notification when your servers go down or recover.
  • The package does not require installing any components on remote servers and workstations.
  • Link external applications like file managers or remote administration software to the program and run them in a couple of clicks on the desired map host.
  • Import custom backgrounds for more evident network map’s look.
  • Access and manage remote devices in a couple of clicks, using LANState’s visual network map. You are able to shut down, restart, turn on servers and workstations, access remote host’s services and shares, view remote event logs, access the remote registry, list processes, devices, and services running, and so on.

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