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MakepopMusic All Samples Bundle (premium)

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MakepopMusic All Samples Bundle

All Samples Bundle

If you are a producer looking for the ultimate collection of samples, this is your holy grail. Get all 22 of our sample packs , totalling over 14,500 files. This pack has everything you could wish for, packaged up as one HUGE bundle of joy.

Packs included:

Melodic (MIDI Progressions)
Spectrum (Serum Presets)
Dark Pop Vol. 2
Disco Pop
Sounds of Life
Pop Progressions (MIDI Progressions)
Foley Fix
Funk Pop
Hip Pop
Dark Pop
Pop Star
Radio Ready
Chart Topper
Essentials: Cymbals
Essentials: Hi Hats
Essentials: Shakers and Tambourines
Essentials: Pop
Indie Pop

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