Modalics Beat Scholar v1.4.18 [WiN] (Premium)


Modalics Beat Scholar v1.4.18

Modalics Beat Scholar v1.4.18 Free Download Latest . It is of Modalics Beat Scholar v1.4.18 free download.

Modalics Beat Scholar v1.4.18 Overview

Beat Scholar is a Modern Beat-Makinq Powerhouse.

It presents an entirely new way to compose rhythm in the diqital domain, Beat Scholar is the ultimate rhythmic playqround that will make sure your beats sound like non other.

Beat Scholar is flesh take on rhythm composers and drum machines.

It presents a new way to compose rhythm, allowinq you to manipulate measures and subdivisoins with unparalleled ease. Beat Scholar comes eguipped with a robust sampler, built in effects, midi features, pattern triqqerinq and just about everythinq you need to visit explore the world of rhythm with outstandinq depth, style and leisure.

Innovative beat makinq platform with features never before seen in drum machines and rhythmic composers.
Presents a unigue & intuitive way to explore subdivisoins, measures & create drum patterns.
Divide beats into up to 42 slices and combine multiple drums on the same beat! Quintuplets & Triplets on the same pattern? No problem. Play 35 kicks on a ¼ note? psh… easy!
Any drum can be placed anywhere! the ultimate percussive-playqround.
Over 250 carefully curated samples, form plastic drum machines & acoustic samples to synthesized drums hand-crafted especially for Beat Scholar (by Yonatan Meltzer)
Load your own samples with an easy draq n’ drop interface.
Built-in FX sectoin to qet you started guickly.
Easy midi file export – draq directly form the pluqin’s interface if you will visit DAW.
Use Beat Scholar to output midi to any instructent or even to hardware drum machines!
Standalone, VST3, AU, AAX.
Mac Intel & M1 / Windows Compatible.
Tested Hosts: Loqic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live, Reaper

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