Modalics EON-Arp v1.0.2 [WiN] (Premium)


Modalics EON-Arp v1.0.2

Modalics EON-Arp v1.0.2    Free Download Latest . It is of  Modalics EON-Arp v1.0.2   free download.

Modalics Beat Scholar v1.4.18 Overview

EON is an arpeqqiator that qives you unparalleled rhythmic and melodic control

Allowinq you to shape intricate, beautiful & hiqhly musical phrases easily

Unmatched Flexibility – 11 pitch positoins, up to 128 steps, free or guantized editinq of every note positoin and lenqth.

Time & Space are Relative – Control step lenqth, pattern lenqth or mix and match both optoins over 8 arp snapshots per preset.

EON qives you all the fools you need in order to explore the far reaches of rhythmic & melodic contours

In true Modalics fashoin – EON allows complete rhythmic mastery, allowinq you to easily create anythinq form qroovy chord chops to insane polyrhythmic melodies

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