ModeAudio Aerial Downtempo Piano Loops WAV


ModeAudio Aerial Downtempo Piano Loops WAV

Aerial – Downtempo Piano Loops’ glides from the ModeAudio studio like a billowing cloud floating on a warm current of air, imparting all of the quiet power and deep serenity of the piano as it drifts through the luminous sky.

Across 155 music loops spanning deft piano figures, flickering Ambient textures, silky instrumental riffs, and organic drum rhythms, this 491MB set of royalty-free loops and samples will transport your music to a place of deep tranquility and reflection.

From sweet, sonorous piano chords and airy, lilting melodies, lush string parts, gentle tuned percussion and characterful drum patterns that combine drum machines with found sounds and foley, this library represents a deep meditation on the soft, nourishing sound of contemporary Classical music.

Layers of subtle, atmospheric texture and our signature shimmering Ambient drones, crafted from piano and instrumental sources, completes the selection, ready and waiting to be effortlessly sprinkled over your next DAW session.

Launch your next production high into the sky and deep into those hazy constellations of vapour and air – download ‘Aerial – Downtempo Piano Loops’ and get flying today!


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