Niklas Pedde – Instagram University 4.0 – $30K/m With 1 Instagram Theme Page Download (Premium)


Niklas Pedde – Instagram University 4.0 – $30K/m With 1 Instagram Theme Page

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File NameNiklas Pedde – Instagram University 4.0 – $30K/m With 1 Instagram Theme Page
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Publisher Niklas Pedde
update and Published2023

To put it simply, Instagram Theme Pages are pages that talk about a specific topic such as entrepreneurship, cooking tips, business, motivation or mindset.

Theme Pages are extremely simple to set up and take surprisingly little time to manage – about 30 minutes to 1h per day if you’re a beginner.

Now does the idea of making at least $5,000 – $10,000 a month by posting pictures of quotes, watches, houses, or travel destinations sound good to you? Then keep reading…

The cool thing about Instagram Theme Pages is that you can:

Get started WITHOUT any upfront investment…
Run the page WITHOUT showing yourself…
Make money with it WITHOUT having your own product…
​Run it from anywhere in the world…​
​​Start JUST with your smartphone…
​And that you can completely AUTOMATE them…
Yes, that’s right. You can completely automate your Instagram Theme Pages. I literally spend less than 5 minutes a week working on mine…

With it you’ll get access to:

The Instagram Masterclass (50+ HD Video Lessons) – Value $1,797
The Theme Page Roadmap (17 Pages Step-by-Step Checklist) – Value $1,770
​The “Instagram Toolbox” + Access My Content Creators & Account Managers –Value $997
15 Simple Money-Making Strategies – Value $4,997
BONUS #1 – 17 Clients Behind The Scenes Success Case-Studies + Complete Breakdown
BONUS #2 – How Friends and I Made 348,000 EUR in 28 Days with Instagram (Case Study)
BONUS #3 – How I Used Instagram Theme Pages To Grow My Personal Brand To 360,000+ Followers And $700,000 in Revenue in the Record Month
​BONUS #4 – Exclusive Interviews with 8 Figure Entrepreneurs (Tai Lopez, Raoul Plickat, Lenny Banks, Ramin Popal & More etc.)…
​BONUS #5: The exact strategy that I used to generated over $1,000,000 in sales in 45 days with an Instagram account that had less than 15,000 followers…

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