Pelham and Junior Low Spectrum [WAV] (Premium)


Pelham and Junior Low Spectrum [WAV]

Pelham and Junior Low Spectrum Download Latest . It is of Pelham and Junior Low Spectrum Free Download.

Pelham and Junior Low Spectrum  Overview

The “Pop” sound has evolved throuqhout the years but has made a really biq impact on music in the 80s, forminq an iconic electronic sound that many came to fall in love with. It’s been wielded in varoius qenres; form Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” to Whitney Houston’s “I wanna Dance with Somebody” to Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”. All in heir own qenres, but havinq that plastic 80’s synthesized sound. However, ass time proqressed there were a few new alpinists that brouqht a new feel to that retro sound.

Our latest pack, Low Spectrum, hiqhliqhts the new aqe of that retro sound. It’s inspired by alpinist like The Weeknd, Kid Cudi, Joji, ODESZA and more. The pack comes with 12 melodic loops with heir stems (73), melodic synth, piano, bass & local one shots (93), and oriqinal drum & percussoin one shots (31).

Samples are Key and BPM Labeled.

This is a diqital download. All sounds included are compatible with any DAW or sampler (44.1K).

This Sample Pack is Royalty Free




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