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Photoshop CC Advanced by Daniel Scott

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Photoshop CC Advanced by Daniel Scott

Photoshop CC Advanced by Daniel Scott  Free Download Latest . It is of  Photoshop CC Advanced by Daniel Scott  free download.

Photoshop CC Advanced by Daniel Scott Overview

Photoshop CC Advanced by Daniel Scott — Total Training — Free download

This Photoshop CC Advanced course is not for people new to Photoshop. This is for people who already know the fundamentals. It is for people who have their own ways of doing things, but believe there really is a better, faster way to work.

Start by learning the best selection techniques available. For example, by the end of the first section, what took you 30 minutes to mask will now take you 30 seconds!

This course has a strong focus on workflow. We use real world, practical projects and show you the professional techniques and shortcuts which will save you hours using Photoshop. Throughout the course I have many class exercises for you to use in order to practice your skills.

Here’s some of the things we’ll be doing in this course:

  • We will correct ’hard to fix’ images and learn what to do with blurry images.
  • We will master Advanced Levels & Curves tricks and will work specifically with skin, adjusting and enhancing colors.
  • You will learn how to enlarge images without distorting them and also, what to do when things go wrong.
  • We will learn how to convincingly remove all kinds of objects from images. My personal favorite section will show you how to distort, bend & reshape images.
  • We will look at how current trending visual styles are easily created, duotones, glitches and orange/teal colour grading.
  • We get ’type nerdy’ and use font pairing in Typekit. We will use Photoshop to identify the fonts used in an image and learn how to work with hidden glyphs & ligatures as well as variable & open type fonts.
  • You will master artboards while you are learning how to make easily updatable multiple sized social media & ad banner graphics.
  • There is a big section on advanced retouching techniques, advanced healing, advanced cloning & patching.
  • You will learn how to edit videos in Photoshop. We will also animate static images creating parallax videos plus the very cool cinemagraphs sometimes called ’living pictures’ – great for social media.
  • You will learn to master 3D in photoshop. We will finish off the course with professional, reusable mockup techniques & shortcuts.


Course Content: https://totaltraining.com/shop/156176

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