Poetic Image Post-production in Photoshop by Carol Lopes


Poetic Image Post-production in Photoshop by Carol Lopes

Poetic Image Post-production in Photoshop by Carol Lopes  Free Download Latest . It is of  Poetic Image Post-production in Photoshop by Carol Lopes   free download.

Poetic Image Post-production in Photoshop by Carol Lopes Overview

Poetic Image Post-production in Photoshop by Carol Lopes — Domestika — Free download

Learn basic color and light treatment techniques and create an aesthetic language in your photo essays
Some of this course’s units and videos were updated in June 2020 to offer you a more detailed view of the teacher’s workflow and to improve your experience.
A photograph is capable of transcending visual language and communicating ideas and emotions, but to achieve this, good post-production is essential. In this course, Carol Lopes, an expert in image processing, will show you how you can turn a series of images into a properly structured and edited photo essay, using simple basic resources.

Throughout this course, you will post-produce a set of images with which you will give life to a photographic essay. You will start from a briefing to the final result that you can print or publish on your website and social networks. Prepare to take your photos to another level, managing to express what is behind each one and giving coherence to your project.

You will start by learning about Carol’s work and her career in the world of photography and post-production. You will discover what her main references are, not only in the field of photography but also in other artistic areas such as literature or cinema.

You will learn key concepts and tools to get started. First, you will go into the highlights and shadows, then the histogram, and finally you will see the brightness settings in Adobe Camera Raw. Finally, you will do a series of exercises where you will apply everything learned.

Next, you will delve into the uses of color and chromatic aspects. Carol will show you examples of photographers and painters who make good use of this resource and will introduce you to the color wheel. You will see how to apply color adjustments in Camera Raw and you will do a series of exercises.

At this point, the post-production part of your essay’s assembly will have arrived. You will do a briefing to work on your images and analyze how to get the desired result with Camera Raw. Carol will teach you how to use layer masks and other Photoshop-specific settings.

Finally, you will see how to save a file that is still in process and another that is already finished to print it or, publish on websites and social networks. To conclude and assimilate everything you learned in the course, Carol will explain photographer Lívia Aquino’s process, from her initial briefing to the final essay.

What is this course’s project?
You will post-produce a series of images to organize them in a photo essay format.

Who is it for?
To photographers who want to do consistent and professional post-production of their images.

What you need
Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is required.

Regarding the materials, you will need a series of images that you want to post-produce to create your photo essay and a computer with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw.

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