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Production Music Live – Analog Meets Digital (premium)

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Production Music Live – Analog Meets Digital

Analog Meets Digital — Production Music Live — Free download

Do you have any Eurorack gear, perhaps a MOOG Sub 37, or any other external hardware? Would you like to use and control it with Ableton?

Now you can! This course shows you step by step how to set everything up so that ANALOG meets DIGITAL!

Do you need all the gear used in the course? No! You can use it with a minimal setup and still get the best out of it.

✓ Only course on the market!

✓ 10 hour masterclass

✓ 11 modules on properly recording audio from external synths, setups, systems, controls, syncing & much more

✓ Extensive practical sessions to follow along

Ableton 10.1 + your hardware

✓ Using your hardware within Ableton Live

✓ Setting up your hardware and Ableton

✓ Deep knowledge on patching, modular synthesis & the Ableton CV-Tools

✓ How to sync everything latency free in your setup

✓ Recording your analog jam to Ableton

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