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Professional Beauty Retouching – Retouching Academy (Premium)

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Professional Beauty Retouching – Retouching Academ

Retouching Academy – Professional Beauty Retouching | File Size 1.42 GB| Free download

The world of professional beauty retouching is very exciting, collaborative and diverse, however, the percentage of skilled professionals who are qualified to work for commercial clients in the beauty, health and wellness industry is very small. While a myriad of freelancers compete at the bottom of the retouching market, skilled retouching professionals are in high demand because of the sheer number of businesses that create an enormous amount of visual content today. They all need qualified post-production help: processing, retouching, color-matching.

Working pro retouchers are well-versed in common practices when retouching and handling their clients’ files. They know what is expected of them and know when and what to ask. Proper skills and reliability are all that matters. When budgets are measured in tens of thousands of dollars, no one has the time to deal with an incompetent or disorganized freelancer in the fast-paced business world.

While we can’t help you become more reliable or resilient, we can definitely help improve your skills and lay a foundation for professional retouching methods and habits so you are ready when the opportunity presents itself.

Course content: https://retouchingacademy.com/product/professional-beauty-retouching/

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