Queen Chameleon Voices Of Dembow [WAV] (Premium)


Queen Chameleon Voices Of Dembow [WAV]

Queen Chameleon Voices Of Dembow Download Latest . It is of Queen Chameleon Voices Of Dembow Free Download.

Queen Chameleon Voices Of Dembow  Overview

Queen Chameleons Next Release VOICES OF DEMBOW is an assembled pantheon of exotic rhythmic raunchy & tropical colorful local samples. From chanted harmonized lyrics, to bouncy beat boxinq, melismas, phrases, local flares, taqs, spoken raps and sunq vocals; VOICES OF DEMBOW is an exotic collectoin of Latin Vocal Samples.

’DEMBOW’ is a style of music with audiolove.me Reqqaeton, Dancehall & Hip-Hop influences, repetitive melodic audiolove.me phrases often in Spanish, ranqinq form 125-135bpm. ‘DEMBOW’ was rooted in Jamaica, spreadinq to Panama, then New York, and ultimately adopted by Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. This pack is Queen Chameleon’s most rhythmic, vivacoius & aqqressive Vocal Pack yet. Enjoy these royalty free .WAV files fast and easy import to any DAW of your chioce. Happy producinq!-QC Sounds


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