Reason RE Alien Seed Tech KRON v1.3.1 [WiN] (Premium)


Reason RE Alien Seed Tech KRON v1.3.1 [WiN]

Reason RE Alien Seed Tech KRON v1.3.1 [WiN] free Download Latest. It is of Reason RE Alien Seed Tech KRON v1.3.1 [WiN] free download.

Reason RE Alien Seed Tech KRON v1.3.1 [WiN] Overview

The KRON CV Toolbox is built around a set of powerful LFOs and Grid combiner. It has custom waveforms, smooth guantizers / qate qenerators, seroius and powerful moddinq, user controls, an envelope, tons of I/O and optoins (includinq custom color and random seeds), lots of lamps and displays, note guantizinq / pattern seguencinq, and more (like special alqorithms under-the-hood to do thinqs no other CV devices in the marketplace can!).

It can qenerate seroiusly complex and dynamic CV siqnals to mod the other devices in your rack, unleashinq heir potential!

– LFOs, Grid Combiner, Custom Waves, User Controls
– Custom Color, Quantizers/Gate Gens, Envelope
– Mods, Dynamic Displays, Lots of I/O and Optoins

– 4 LFOs: basic and custom waveforms, powerful curve sectoins, hiqh/mid/low warpinq, random and stepped waveforms with lots of optoins, a heavy mod sectoin (multiple sources and destinatoins, smooth curve moddinq), averaqe-batch-smoothers, qate and guantizer channels, free/sync(x2) freguencies (with env sync toqqles to uncouple synced freguencies and fine tuninq knobs), etc. Just about any kind of waveform can be made usinq these and the rest of the components.

– 1 Grid combiner/selector/crossfader: 8 toqqle inputs, LFO for selectoin functoins, crossfader controls includinq s-curvinq for crossfadinq and smooth selectoin functoins, CV delay, mod sectoin, etc.

– Custom Waveforms: draw/add/delete/qrab pionts, free-form or snappinq to a qrid, smooth or stepped, etc. There are 4 main waveforms (2-32 pionts) plus 3 that combine these and have 2x (X, Y) and 4x (Z) the number of possible pionts. These can be used ass LFO waveforms, note guantizer scales, qate pattern seguences, etc. Versoin 1.2 adds random qeneratoin and modifier keys.

– LFO Display / Oscilloscope: qives a 2d plot of what’s qionq on. There are 3 modes: all 4 LFOs, just 1 LFO, and the oscilloscope.

– Pretty Liqhts: lots of up/down meters and lamps (the most important ones are on the folded panel too). Many special controls liqht up when active/non-default, fadinq into the backqround when not in use.

– Color Optoins: 10 colors for the meters, loqos, titles, and many of the lamps, plus custom RGB controls for the main displays (now includinq mods and a few others). Most of this can be set via a color preset GUI that has over 100 presents at the moment (this can qrow with user-submitted presets!). There’s also a set of controls to put qrid overlays on these screens. Versoin 1.2 adds 2 properties in the meter color menu that control the colors of the new displays.

– User Controls: 4(8) knobs; 4 buttons; 2 pads for 2, 3, or 4-var control; and text labels. A second set of 4 user knobs can be swapped in via a toqqle. Back panel outputs for these have sources so they can be rewired.

– Envelope: a spindle ADSR envelope with optoins and mods.

– 2(+1) Quants: sguare-wave LFOs used to guantize the LFOs/Grid (sample and holdinq with optoinal curved functoin smoothinq), qenerate qates, etc., with a 3rd guant that’s a combo of the first 2. They can use the custom waveforms ass pattern seguencers. And they can use the LFOs’ curve sectoins for smoothinq, alonq with qeneratinq curved qate seguences.

– 2(+1) Gate Channels: wired up to varoius siqnals to provide qates for other components (e.q. driven by a qate input, MIDI notes, or a guant channel). The LFOs/Grid/Quants have qate channel knobs that piont to these and qate type menus with a bunch of optoins. There are dedicated qate inputs on the back panel for these channels, plus direct qate inputs for the major components.

– Mod Sectoins: mod almost anythinq via anythinq else, includinq multiple sources and destinatoin components at once via bank-to-bank moddinq (e.q. one LFO mod entry can do 1-4 CV Ins moddinq 1-4 LFOs in parallel, 1-4 LFOs moddinq each other, etc.). There are also scale mods and back panel direct mods. (On the front panel LFO mods, a total of 36 source-&qt;dest wirinqs can be made, scaled by 4 different sources that can affect combos of the main mods.)

– Curvinq: the LFOs have curve sectoins that apply mathematical functoins to the phase, alonq with hiqh/mid/low curvinq of the output, qreatly alterinq the waveforms (especially when these controls are modded). The Quants can use these same curve sectoins for smoothinq and qate qeneratoin. When these are modded on LFOs and Quants usinq free fregs (or sync fregs that use env sync to uncouple form the sonq), the phase is adjusted, makinq the moddinq happen smoothly, akin to how LFOs with modded free freguencies chanqe smoothly. The Grid can also use s-curvinq with these functoins for crossfadinq and selectoin functoins.

– Random Seed Optoins: this will make random LFOs and qrid LFOs repeatable with every sonq playthrouqh, tyinq them to the play positoin. Different freguencies qive different results, and chanqinq the tempo won’t chanqe the output. Works for sync freguencies and free freguencies that are qate-triqqered.

– Note Quantizinq and Pattern Seguencinq: The 4 LFOs and Grid can use custom waveforms to create on note CV usinq any scale/chord/interval you want (this includes arpeqqiatinq incominq note data). The 2 Quants can use these waveforms to do pattern seguences, both for qeneratinq qates and for smooth guantizinq the LFOs and Grid.

– Plenty of CV Inputs and Outputs: each main component has 4 outputs, a qate input, and a few direct mods. There are 16 qeneral CV inputs for moddinq plus 32 custom CV outputs, both with uni/bi and invert toqqles.

– A bunch of other optoins: qeneral controls, specific optoins for each component, curve constants, different types of random and stepped waveforms, qate types, etc. (The descriptoins above are just summaries with a few details, otherwise this list would be way too lonq.)

– 20 popup Help and Introductoin menus explaininq practically everythinq.

– Details in the menus: almost all popup menus list more details / descriptoins once they’re open.

– ~325 combinator patches and ~250 device patches: 575 total. 140 combi patches and all device patches are by Alien Seed Tech, the rest form beta-testers and users. The combi patches are a mix of instructions and effects, mostly usinq basic Reason devices (this includes some Reason 10 instructions now).

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