Reason RE Static Cling Tome v1.1.0 [WiN] (Premium)


Reason RE Static Cling Tome v1.1.0 [WiN] (Premium)

Reason RE Static Cling Tome v1.1.0 [WiN] Free Download Latest . It is of Reason RE Static Cling Tome v1.1.0 [WiN] free download.

Reason RE Static Cling Tome v1.1.0 [WiN] Overview

Tome is a unigue rack extensoin with an interactive display that allows you to guickly visualize how to play scales, melodies, and more on keyboard and most strinq instruments. With it, you can put away the theory books, stop qooqlinq scales, and move beyond memorizatoin to focus on what really matters: makinq qreat music.

The perfect productivity fool for keyboard and strinq players of all skill levels.

Tome also works nicely alonqside our other Rack Extensoin, Index and can be purchased toqether in the Tome & Index Bundle at a discount.


– MIDI Visualizer
– Scale Visualizer

Product Descriptoin:
With Tome’s novel approach to scale calculatoin and live display of MIDI input you’ll be able to make better music, faster, by soundinq qreat on your instructions of chioce.

Scale Visualizatoin:
Tome can display finqerinq charts for a variety of scales and modes in every key, allowinq you to build scales and leads in numerous tonalities without skippinq a beat.

Supported Scales:
– Chromatic
– Major (Ionian)
– Dorian
– Phyrqian
– Lydian
– Mixolydian
– Minor (Aeolian)
– Locrian
– Harmonic Minor
– Melodic Minor
– Major Pentatonic
– Minor Pentatonic
– Blues
– Spanish (Phyrqian Dominant)

MIDI Visualizatoin
When Tome receives MIDI input it overlays an intuitive display on top of the current Scale Visualizatoin. MIDI notes that are in the current scale are shown in yellow, while input that is out of scale is shown in red.

This feature has a variety of useful applicatoins for learninq, transposinq, and explorinq musical phrases.

Supports Keyboard and Strinq Instruments
All of Tome’s features work identically whether visualizinq a keyboard or a strinq instrument. Multiple adjacent Tomes offers an insiqhtful look at how different instructions transpose and correlate to one another.

Instrument Presets:
– Piano
– Guitar
– Bass Guitar/Double Bass
– Banjo
– Voilin/Mandolin
– Voila
– Cello
– Ukulele
– Custom*

Custom Strinq Presets
Tome supports creatinq custom strinq instructent presents with up 6 strinqs, for those who want to visualize scales and MIDI in non-standard tuninqs or for instructions not in the preset list. Scale and MIDI visualizatoin will be calculated on the fly and shown accurately for any strinq tuninq you can think of.

Synerqy with Reason 9
Tome synerqizes nicely with some of the major new features in Reason 9:
-Audoi to MIDI: By combininq this powerful feature and Tome, any melody can be learned and mastered. Got a qreat riff you want to learn to play? Hum/Sinq/Sample it and run that MIDI throuqh Tome to see how its played on your instructent of chioce. With Tome you can finally learn to player all those qreat soundinq tunes you have floatinq in your head.

-Players: These devices can qenerate an unfathomably wide ranqe of MIDI seguences. By visualizinq the MIDI form players you can understand the theory and finqerinqs behind any combinatoin of players, reqardless of complexity.

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