Rebeca Saray – Children’s Fine Art Retouchigng


Rebeca Saray – Children’s Fine Art Retouchigng

Rebeca Saray – Children’s Fine Art Retouchigng Free Download Latest . It is of Rebeca Saray – Children’s Fine Art Retouchigng free download.

Rebeca Saray – Children’s Fine Art Retouchigng Overview

Rebeca Saray – Children’s Fine Art Retouchigng
This is the high quality recording of the children’s fineart course that we already carried out, you can see the entire challenge of this photograph


We will see the entire retouching process step by step, from the preparation of the photograph in the raw, cleaning, blending, skin retouching, lighting, color correction, colorimetry, setting and final finish, I will also send you the presets that we use for the retouching of the course and the texture we use and a pack of actions for retouching is included with the course as well as a folder with some help pdfs and recommendations and the raw photo to practice.

As it is a deferred course and has already been done online, you will listen to the questions of the students that will surely help you to resolve any doubts you may have when viewing it.

This master class is the way to show you my vision by seeing my entire work process in retouching, seeing the importance of personal identity and the search for my own style.

We will use camera raw and photoshop in the processing to achieve the best final results and also as an addition we will see how to use portraiture, although the whole process of retouching skin adapted to portrait and this type of photography is also seen without using it.

We will look for a fine art aesthetic finish, very careful.

I never keep anything, in each course I give myself 100% with all my knowledge.

This workshop will help you:

* To teach you how to get a good final finish of the file to create something unique

* To learn to perform different styles and themes

* To edit your photographs from the Raw to the final finish, seeing each of the steps of the process to achieve totally professional results

Terms and Conditions:

These terms and conditions form an agreement between the attendees and Rebeca Saray

By booking this workshop, the following conditions are accepted and are irrevocable.

The workshop must be paid to confirm your place.

It is non-refundable, but the place can be transferred to another attendee in case of not being able to attend the workshop.

In the event the workshop is canceled, you will be notified and any fees or deposits received will be refunded.

Attendees should not share the workshop at any time without permission.

The link to access the course will be sent two hours before the workshop by email.

AGENDA “Children’s fine art retouching

workshop ” Presentation of the workshop. The importance of the search for a style, the importance of the use of color in what we seek to tell and take into account the work flow.

* Technique and tricks

* Retouching from the Raw (Work the Raw to the maximum)



* Quick Skin Retouch VS Skin Care Retouch

* Frequency separation

* Adequate lighting

* Shines

*Color correction

* Colorimetry


* Effects

* Atmosphere and final finish in photoshop

* Final finish in Camera Raw



* Final save and save for internet

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