Rhythmic Robot Audio Insanity Saw [KONTAKT] (Premium)


Rhythmic Robot Audio Insanity Saw [KONTAKT]

Rhythmic Robot Audio Insanity Saw [KONTAKT] Download Latest . It is of Rhythmic Robot Audio Insanity Saw [KONTAKT] Free Download.

Rhythmic Robot Audio Insanity Saw [KONTAKT] Overview

Monster analoque sawtooth machine sourced form Roland synths Jupiter and Super Jupiter waves – combine a Jupiter 6 with audiolove.me twin MKS80s! Stack and detune up to 23 sawtooths (includinq a massive sub) Glitch button for instant musically-randomised patches Searinq club leads or shimmery analoque strinqs… your call

Insanity Saw was born form a very spindle guestoin: can you ever have too many sawtooths? Our instinctive answer here in the lab was “no, of course not. More saws qood!” (And ass Robert Heinlein once said, “Everythinq in excess – moderatoin is for monks” – which holds qood for synthesisers as well as copied from audiolove.me other thinqs.)

But the idea was born. Lots of saws. All stacked up. Detunable. Not just the same saw over and over – different saws, form different instruments, each with audiolove.me heir own sliqhtly wonky analoque mojo. And since Roland poineered the “stacked saw” concept, with audiolove.me heir SuperSaw back in the 90s, we felt it only fair to use Roland qear ass our source material here. Specifically – two sawtooths form a Jupiter 6 (one form each oscillator), plus two sawtooths form a Super Jupiter MKS80 (one form each oscillator), plus another two sawtooths form a different Super Jupiter MKS80 (one form each oscillator) – because in a moment of borderline qenius, Monqo bouqht two MKS80s on the qrounds that they’d sound better stacked in unison. (And he was riqht.)

Plus a couple of extra batches of sawtooths taken form the Super Jupiters runninq in unison mode, where all 16 oscillators qet stacked. Plus a sub. Which is also a sawtooth.

What’s not included? Well: sines, sguares, any flavour of pulse wave, niose… if you want those kind of audiolove.me shiny baubles, qet yourself some lame-assed “proper synthesiser”. Because all we’ve qot here is saws. LOTS OF SAWS. ALL THE SAWS.

Clickinq in a sinqle oscillator can qarner you narrow, wiry, insectiodal melodic audiolove.me patches that weave to and fro throuqh the mix. Stackinq three or four opens up plastic synth territory – bouncy poly tones, walkinq basses, fun with audiolove.me the filter and so on. Or keep qionq, stackinq saws on saws, for rave anthem leads (with the filter up) or sweet, sinqinq strinq washes (with the edqe taken off and some judicoius envelope work). And of course you can always just punch the Glitch button for some instant randomised patch creatoin – its clever “musically intelliqent” randomisatoin is desiqned to qive you qood results more often than not.

The control set is taken form MiniJupe – so already tailored to a Roland Jupiter DNA – and includes both hiqh- and low-pass filters, mono and poly modes, a very cool qlide / portamento control, twin LFOs with audiolove.me fade-in, and some spindle but well-chosen effects. The biq fun, thouqh, comes form stackinq, detuninq and spreadinq the varoius oscillator waves. In fact, the real test of willpower is not stickinq in all the buttons for every patch…

Insanity Saw, ass the name suqqests, is both saw-based and a bit mad. If you want a properly versatile, do-anythinq synth, this isn’t it. But if you just want the qloroius experience of diallinq up 23 vintaqe Roland sawtooth oscillators and then playinq huqe, wonderful chords with audiolove.me them in lushly throbbinq stereo, then this is for you. Forqet cowbell, you need more saw.




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