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Shaperbox 2 Explained by Larry Holcombe

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Shaperbox 2 Explained by Larry Holcombe

Shaperbox 2 Explained by Larry Holcombe Free Download Latest . It is of  Shaperbox 2 Explained by Larry Holcombe free download.

Shaperbox 2 Explained by Larry Holcombe Overview

Studio pro Larry Holcombe presents in-depth Cableguys Shaperbox 2 video tutorials! Learn all of the different modules and effects found in Shaperbox 2, as well as how to effectively use them on your tracks and productions. See how to endlessly twist and morph your audio with these incredible plug-ins. These videos are for new Shaperbox 2 users.

Larry welcomes you and goes over what the course will cover as well as an overview of what Shaperbox 2 is, and what it does so well. You’ll then learn the basics such as what the different modules are, how use the library preset manager to load and save new Shaperbox presets, the user interface and what areas remain the same for each Shaper, and the parts that are altered as you move between Shapers.

Now the real fun begins with Larry going through each of the different Shapers, showing you how to use their specific controls and features on different audio sources and tracks. You’ll get full coverage on all the modules; LFO Wave Editor, VolumeShaper, TimeShaper, CrushShaper, FilterShaper, PanShaper, WidthShaper, and Envelope Follower. Larry then gives you a bonus video demonstrating how to switch between different LFO Shapes as well as re-triggering LFO cycles with MIDI, for crazy cool effects that enhance your tracks!

To see what these in-depth Cableguys Shaperbox 2 video tutorials show you, and how they’ll get you creating awesome effects for your songs and productions, check out the individual Shaperbox 2 video descriptions on this page. Discover how it’s possible to shape your audio into wondrous new sounds… Watch “Shaperbox 2 Explained®” today!


Course content:

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