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Silence And Other Sounds OMEN

Silence And Other Sounds OMEN KONTAKT   Free Download Latest . It is of  Silence And Other Sounds OMEN KONTAKT   free download.

Silence And Other Sounds OMEN KONTAKT Overview

Omen is a Kontakt library based on ritual voices and epic war chants. We have recorded many traditional singing styles from different cultures around the world: Tuvan throat and overtone singing (Kaargyra, Khoomei and Szygyt), Sardinian Throat singing (Bassu), Nordic Kulning (high pitch female style), Slavic Singing (white voices), Western baritone, tenor and soprano, guttural voices, ritual chants and even extreme distortion, high-pitch techniques, screams, vocal fry and growls.

The result is a set of 8 different playable Kontakt instruments that combine all these voices together to create a huge variety of sounds: from shamanic low vocal drones to mysterious rhythmic hymns, from ethereal female choirs to aggressive haka-style chants, from monk humming sounds to Viking-reminding vocal ensembles.

The instruments in Omen instantly evoke solemn rituals in a forgotten temple, the screams of the battlefield, the ethereal colors of a nordic landscape, mysterious pagan cults, sorceries and witchcrafts, the whispering of the spirits in the woods.

Omen is for TV, film , game composers and sound designers looking for a one of a kind instrument based on rare and meticulously recorded voices to immediately set a ‘dark age’ mood. It fits particularly well the epic genre, with specific regard to fantasy and dark age movies, but its versatility makes it useful also for post-horror, thriller, electronic and ambient music.


Vocal Layers is playable, MPE compatible instrument which combines 4 different vocal layers from a total of 94 available voices. Each layer can be edited independently (Volume, Pan, Volume Envelope, Filters and LFO) via the intuitive GUI.

With the useful Manage Layers function, it is possible to freely assign any sound to a different part of the keyboard (low or high) and experiment with blending or separating the vocal layers along the keyboard: you can combine throat singing tones, baritone voices, soprano sustained, overtone effects, phrases or synthesized vocal textures to create anything from thick choirs, legato melodies, vocal drones, underscore layers and much else. Vocal layers features 72 snapshots.

By using the intuitive Map panel, it is possible to quickly assign the control parameters to any MIDI Channel, and even configure the instrument for MPE. Vocal Layers feature a Convolution Reverb section based on 24 IRs, including Acoustic Reverbs, Digital Reverbs and Experimental Reverbs

Rhythmic Chants is a tempo synched ,phrase based instrument featuring choirs and single phrases to create dense ritual voices in any root key. It features three category of sounds: Rhythmical Vocal Drones, Viking Phrases and Solo Phrases; all of them are tempo synched, each group of sounds can be filtered, distorted, reversed independently. With the function Half-Tempo, it is possible to set any of the phrase groups to half the bpms, especially useful for tracks at 120 bpm and above. All the voices in Rhythmic Chants have been recorded at 60 bpm and use the Time Machine Pro in Kontakt (HQ), so the quality of the sound is not compromised by bpm changes.

Phrase Builders: War and Sorcery are two similar instruments that allow to sequence short groups of tempo synched syllables and create a long, rhythmical spoken phrase.

The War Phrase Builder has an aggressive sound based on the concept of reproducing the war chant of an ancient Viking army, the Sorcery Phrase Builder is more evocative and shaman-esque.

The sounds are based on a made-up language resembling old Norse: the War version features a solo voice and a crew voice, the Sorcery version features two solo voices.

In both instruments, the two voices can be independently activated/deactivated per step. All the syllables in both Phrase Builder War and Sorcery have been recorded at 70 bpm and use the Time Machine Pro in Kontakt (HQ), so the quality of the sound is not compromised by bpm changes.

Vocal Horns is a one shot sample player based on tonal voice SFX, ranging from extremely low tones, screams, animale-esque wailings, breathes and whispers and much more. All the Vocal Horns have been created as an hybrid between an human vocalization and an ancient war horn, by using sound design techniques like extreme re-pitching and spectral morph. Vocal Horns features a per-sample control on any parameter (Volume, Pitch, Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, LFO and Volume Envelope, Straight/Reverse play), plus the possibility to globally control any parameter by using the ‘Set Global Controls’ window.

You can tune all the samples simultaneously to the same root key with the useful Global Tuning slider, Extend any sample to the keyboard and play it chromatically, or reverse all the samples at once.

Growls -Whispers and Sentences are two identical one-shot instruments based on growls, eerie whispers, solemn sentences, Nordic resembling phrases and other vocal effects, based on a made-up language inspired to old Norse. Both the instruments have similar controls and GUI functionalities of the Vocal Horns instrument. These instruments are particularly suited for sound design, allowing deep manipulation possibilities and transforming the vocal samples in anything from stutters, creepy reverse effects, whoosh, transitions and much more.

Percussions Loops is based on a set of 30 tempo synched drum loops, divided in Low Drums, Mid Drums and High Drums. All the drum loops have been recorded at 60-70 bpm and use the Time Machine Pro in Kontakt (HQ), so the quality of the sound is not compromised by bpm changes.


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