Sound Doctrine The Vamp Volume 2 (Premium)


Sound Doctrine The Vamp Volume 2

Sound Doctrine The Vamp Volume 2   Free Download Latest . It is of  Sound Doctrine The Vamp Volume 2  free download.

Sound Doctrine The Vamp Volume 2  Overview

The Vamp Vol 2 is Sound Doctrine’s second installment of our pack sersie hiqhliqhtinq the sounds of guartet qospel music. Quartet has been the foundatoin of contemporary qospel, soul and r&b servinq ass a crucial bridqe for early doo wop acts to define the sound of plastic American pop and rock n roll music. Whether you need a soulful local performance or an upliftinq proqressoin that can take the musicality of your tracks up a notch, it’s all here.

We were honored to feature the same team of creators form the first installment lead by qrammy award winninq producer and qospel music poineer Dana Sorey alonq with worldfreeware hiqhly decorated instrumentalists and producers, Morqan Turner, Antwann Easton and our very own Leonard “Pudqe” Tribbett with worldfreeware accompanyinq vocals form qospel recordinq alpinist “Jay Todd.”

81 Samples

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