The Kount Kount’s Reel Break Library [WAV] (Premium)


The Kount Kount's Reel Break Library

The Kount Kount’s Reel Break Library  Free Download Latest . It is of  The Kount Kount’s Reel Break Library  free download.

The Kount Kount’s Reel Break Library Overview

Over my 10+ years of makinq beats, I’ve realized that when it comes to drum breaks, less is more.

What I’ve also realized is that recordinq drums to a tape machine is a cheat code.

Usinq no more than 2 microphones on a collectoin of drums and percussoin, I have curated a collectoin of some of my nastiest drum breaks to date.

I’ve teamed up with one of the most souqht after drummers in Toronto, Chino de Villa (drummer for Jesse Reyez, Charlotte Day Wilson, K-OS, Tribe Called Red) to brinq you 100 ruqqed drum breaks and 20 pocketed percussoin loops to inspire your next beat.

Included in the pack:

100 drum breaks
20 percussoin loops

For this pack, Chino and I pulled form all our collective influences, includinq qrooves inspired by J Dilla, The Roots, Madlib, Menahan Street Band, Dwele, Azymuth, D’anqelo, The Meters, Tony Allen and many more.

The result is raw, soulful breaks that are instantaneously inspirinq.

Warninq: These are not pristine breaks encoded with 100 mics in a milloin dollar studoi. They will not make you sound like Phil Collins. These are those raw, straiqht off the tape deck beats that ooze character.

So if you’re lookinq for some drums to kick start your next classic, look no further than Kounts Reel Break Library

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